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Updated July 2010

Clearly The Beatles were up to all kinds of things and backwards tracks were just the start. Backmasking was popularized by The Beatles, who used backward vocals and instrumentation on their 1966 album Revolver. John's I'm so tiered from the White Album has got to be one of the best backward tracks. At the end of the song when played backwards it clearly says Paul is a dead man miss him miss him. I don't think that was an accident.

The inner Grove Sgt. Peppers

A final mystery on this album appears on the English pressing on the Parlophone label.  At the very end of side two, right up long the label, is another groove. If you have a manual turntable which doesn't automatically shut off at this point, one can make out some voices reciting a short group of words: 

(Groove is played)    Never Lucy Abbey all the way

While the exact meaning varies according to different people some have interpreted this groove as saying such things as, “Lucy Abbey all the way” or “He's found heaven, just see what you want to see” or “n sha lee never.” We'll play it twice more. What do you think it says?

 (Groove is played again)

Radio station WKBW in Buffalo, New York played this group backwards and suggested it says, “We’ll all be back here soon. Paul is dead.”

Let's try it three times what you think it says?

(Groove is played three times backwards)

 It does not appear on American pressings, but that it exists at all as an indication of the lengths of the Beatles would go to try and hide messages in their albums. It also supposedly on other European pressings of the album.  And again, what people hear varies with the condition of the record, amplifier and speakers system, and probably what you had for breakfast.  As a sidebar Paul himself has claimed in a Rolling Stones interview that he did not know that the groove existed until just several years ago.  He played it himself and says he hears an obscene phrase.  He also claims he has no idea how it got onto the record.

Paul is dead Black Bars Death Clues

In this day and age of MP3 players, CD's it makes it really hard to get your hands on these backwards tracks. My son the other day had no idea that records had two sides, clearly things have changed. A lot of the Paul is dead stuff could clearly get lost in the new technology of the day; we hope to keep it alive for future generations.

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