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Updated July 2010

Sgt. Peppers out take photos

There is evidence of a couple of car crashes in which McCartney was involved, although during the first week of January 1967, McCartney's custom-made Mini Cooper was wrecked by a friend on the M1 Motorwayoutside London. McCartney was involved in a moped crash on December 26, 1965, which resulted in a chipped tooth and the scar on his lip that can be seen on promotional videos for the "Paperback Writer"/"Rain" single, made shortly after the crash, in May 1966. According to McCartney, his desire to hide the scar on his lip was the impetus to grow a mustache; at about the same time the other three Beatles grew mustaches as well-in time for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Coincidentally, Paul claims in The Beatles Anthology that he had been riding with socialite and Guinness heir Tara Browne, who was eventually killed in a car accident about a year later; he was the man who "blew his mind out in a car" in "A Day in the Life."

"I am the walrus" says John. "No, you're not" cries Nicola

I am the Walrus The Beatles

With it's crazy outfits and the whole warlus thing. If your lucky enough to own the album with the 24 page booklet your treated to all kinds of clues about the death of Paul McCartney.

Magical Myster Tour

From the song off the white album, Glass Onion, song by John "Here's another clue for you all, the warlus was Paul"

I get asked all the time "Do you think the Beatles really put messages, clues in their music"? Yes I think they did, The Beatles were trying all kinds of things in their music, after all the Paul is dead stuff came out in the fall 1969 there was so much stress with the Beatles getting ready to break up. I don't think the other Beatles, John, George, Ringo liked talking about the Paul is dead stuff, because it brought attention to Paul. Think about all the media that is still to this day talking about the Beatles clues about Paul. Think about how much more music has been sold because someone was introduced to the Beatles Paul is dead stuff. If the Beatles did not plan it, then somebody at Apple Records was the genius. You could never pay for this kind of promotion.

The Apple Boutique London The Beatles

The Apple Boutique London

What George Harrison had to say about the Apple Shop!

“Trying to influence people and doing things like painting the Apple Shop was just part of the Teddy Boy in us, The Teddy-Boy theme of “well Show them” We thought, Well paint the building one night, and the next morning people will come up the street and the whole bloody building’s going to be psychedelic.”  That was what it was all about-I think we would have been pirates I a different life”.

Quote taken from George Harrison The Anthology Book by the Beatles pg. 270  

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